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1968 Vienna Convention on Road Traffic | United Nations Agreement

Convention on Road Traffic

The 1968 Vienna Convention covers road traffic safety regulations and as such establishes principles to govern traffic laws. One of the fundamental prinicples of the Convention has been the concept that a driver is always fully in control and responsible for the behavior of a vehicle in traffic.

With the advent of automatic systems to direct the behavior of various vehicle systems such as lighting, but increasingly towards collision avoidance, this basic principle is no longer completely in concert with advanced vehicle technologies.

Consequently, WP.29 has engaged in discussions with Working Party 1, which is responsible for the Convention, to address inconsistencies between the Convention and WP.29 regulations.

United Nations Agreement currently consists of the following published text(s), including any revisions, amendments, or corrections where applicable:
1968 Convention on Road Traffic
1949 Convention on Road Traffic
Consolidated Resolution on Road Traffic
Please note that previous versions of regulations can be accessed via the UN Official Document System.
Below are the most recent documents concerning 1968 Vienna Convention. Please sign in to access the full database.
Posted Document No. Description
8-11 Mar 2011 World Forum (WP.29) | Session 153 | Geneva WP.29-153 ["WP.29"] 8 Mar 2011
22-25 Jun 2010 World Forum (WP.29) | Session 151 | Geneva WP.29-151 ["WP.29"] 22 Jun 2010
28-31 Mar 2011 Lighting and Light-signalling | Session 65 | Geneva GRE-65 ["GRE"] 28 Mar 2011
21-24 Jun 2011 World Forum (WP.29) | Session 154 | Geneva WP.29-154 ["WP.29"] 21 Jun 2011
4-6 Oct 2011 Lighting and Light-signalling | Session 66 | Geneva GRE-66 ["GRE"] 4 Oct 2011
15-18 Nov 2011 World Forum (WP.29) | Session 155 | Geneva WP.29-155 ["WP.29"] 15 Nov 2011
26-29 Mar 2012 Lighting and Light-signalling | Session 67 | Geneva GRE-67 ["GRE"] 26 Mar 2012
13-16 Mar 2012 World Forum (WP.29) | Session 156 | Geneva WP.29-156 ["WP.29"] 13 Mar 2012
26-29 Jun 2012 World Forum (WP.29) | Session 157 | Geneva WP.29-157 ["WP.29"] 26 Jun 2012
16-18 Oct 2012 Lighting and Light-signalling | Session 68 | Geneva GRE-68 ["GRE"] 16 Oct 2012
13-16 Nov 2012 World Forum (WP.29) | Session 158 | Geneva WP.29-158 ["WP.29"] 13 Nov 2012
12-15 Mar 2013 World Forum (WP.29) | Session 159 | Geneva WP.29-159 ["WP.29"] 12 Mar 2013
8-11 Apr 2013 Lighting and Light-signalling | Session 69 | Geneva GRE-69 ["GRE"] 8 Apr 2013
25-28 Jun 2013 World Forum (WP.29) | Session 160 | Geneva WP.29-160 ["WP.29"] 25 Jun 2013
21-23 Oct 2013 Lighting and Light-signalling | Session 70 | Geneva GRE-70 ["GRE"] 21 Oct 2013
12-15 Nov 2013 World Forum (WP.29) | Session 161 | Geneva WP.29-161 ["WP.29"] 12 Nov 2013
11-14 Mar 2014 World Forum (WP.29) | Session 162 | Geneva WP.29-162 ["WP.29"] 11 Mar 2014
31 Mar-3 Apr 2014 Lighting and Light-signalling | Session 71 | Geneva GRE-71 ["GRE"] 31 Mar 2014
24-27 Jun 2014 World Forum (WP.29) | Session 163 | Geneva WP.29-163 ["WP.29"] 24 Jun 2014
20-22 Oct 2014 Lighting and Light-signalling | Session 72 | Geneva GRE-72 ["GRE"] 20 Oct 2014
11-14 Nov 2014 World Forum (WP.29) | Session 164 | Geneva WP.29-164 ["WP.29"] 11 Nov 2014
27 Jun 2014 Intelligent Transport Systems Informal Group | Session 23 | Geneva ITS-23 ["ITS"] 27 Jun 2014
10-13 Mar 2015 World Forum (WP.29) | Session 165 | Geneva WP.29-165 ["WP.29"] 10 Mar 2015
13-17 Apr 2015 Lighting and Light-signalling | Session 73 | Geneva GRE-73 ["GRE"] 13 Apr 2015
23-26 Jun 2015 World Forum (WP.29) | Session 166 | Geneva WP.29-166 ["WP.29"] 23 Jun 2015

WP.29 acronyms list published

25 February 2015
The secretariat of the World Forum for the Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations has posted helpful lists of acronyms and symbols used in UN Regulations. This listing grew out of concerns that different regulations use the same acronym for different terms (e.g., HPC for head performance criterion and hybrid powertrain cycle) which might cause confusion. The lists of acronyms and symbols can be found at More

Belarus joins 1998 Agreement

13 January 2015
Effective from March 3, Belarus will be the 35th “Contracting Party” to the 1998 Global Agreement, according to a depositary notification issued by the office of the UN Secretary-General on January 12. The United Nations accepted the accession of Belarus to the agreement on January 2.

March amendments now binding

15 October 2014
The proposals adopted during the March 2014 session of the World Forum have completed their six-month waiting periods and are now considered binding on the Contracting Parties, according to the UN Office of Legal Affairs. The adopted proposals can be found in the pipeline section of each regulation or on the home page under the “Adopted” tab. More

Changes to GAR

21 September 2014
GAR completed an upgrade of some of the application coding that runs the site and also made a few changes to the content presentation in order to speed things up for some of the more complex rulemaking areas. We have also added some additional options for registered users. More

Site maintenance

16 September 2014
GAR expects to conduct some maintenance and upgrades to its site next weekend, Saturday-Sunday, 20-21 September. This work will include periodic downtimes where access to the site will not be possible. We hope to keep these interruptions of service to a minimum, but wanted GAR users to be aware that the site may be down periodically over the weekend.

1958 Agreement Status update

23 April 2014
A new informal update to the “Status of the 1958 Agreement” (document WP.29/343/Rev.22) has been published. The Status report provides the listings of regulations, their application by country, type approval authorities, and technical testing services. This informal update notes changes since the publication of Revision 22 last February. The formal revision and this informal update can be found on the 1958 Agreement rule page.

1958 Agreement (almost) ready

11 April 2014
The informal working group on the International Whole Vehicle Type Approval (IWVTA) system has presented its ultimate proposal for a revised 1958 Agreement. The draft text is “final” with the exception of the one issue that is arguably the most important to the future of the global type-approval system: the voting threshold for establishing regulations. More

Mea Culpa...

31 January 2014
This is a note for Internet Explorer users who may have encountered problems with the new site. A comma (yes, just one) included in the program code caused many of the tables to break. In addition, the new code does not play well with earlier IE versions. So I provide an explanation and suggestions. More

GAR 4.0

30 January 2014
Today marks a big step in the evolution of with the release of its fourth version. The new design splits the site content into a basic open version and a “professional” version for those who who want more information. To be or not to be, that is the question…. More

Latest version of RE3 posted

27 January 2014
The latest version of the Resolution on the Construction of Vehicles (R.E.3) has been published. RE3 provides a common reference for information pertinent to UN Regulations and the 1958 Agreement (e.g., type approval system) such as vehicle categories and certain terminology used across the regulations. More

New GAR coming soon

26 January 2014
In the next few days, the fourth generation will launch. The new site is a complete redesign with new features to serve the automotive regulatory community. But it is also designed to answer a fundamental question: Should GAR continue? And that is a question only GAR users can answer. More